Independent Living Skills

Louisiana's Coordinated System of Care (CSOC)

OPS Family Care offers Independent Living Skills to high risk youth and children in the Greater New Orleans Area. Independent Living Skills Building offers training and skills that develop daily living skills, social skills, and coping skills to help them to become successful adults.  All of the services take place in the home and/or community.

In order for a child or adolescent to receive these services, they must be enrolled in the LA Coordinated System of care. Anyone can refer a child to this case management service.  If you are a neighbor, friend, family member, teacher, or community provider and would like to refer a child to receive Independent Living Skills and other services through the CSOC program please call 1-800-424-4399.   If the child qualifies, the next step is to ask your Wraparound Facilitator to connect you to OPS Family Care for services.

For more information on the CSOC program, clink the link below: